What’s the secret to getting your message across?

Its good design.
And good design is what Acorn CS is all about.

The Three Principles of Good Design According to Acorn CS

  • Discover the Audience’s Connection
    Good design relies on knowing how to make a strong connection with your audience. It’s discovering what engages your customer and what they respond to. The real magic happens when you frame that message with powerful graphics, unique visuals and powerful words.
  • Collaborate with a Professional’s Personal Touch
    A key ingredient of Acorn’s success is a collaborative approach. The firm’s principal, Mona Pennypacker –a consummate designer and creative artist in her own right –oversees all the firm’s projects. She touches everything. Her creative insights and messaging expertise are invaluable assets in working a solution. Her staff –essentially an all-in-one design, production, and web-development firm –are active participants from start to finish. Mona and her crew do the work –you’re still involved throughout.
  • Know the Territory Better than Anyone
    It starts with extensive design experience –profound experience at helping hundreds of companies create their web sites, brand image, and sales flyers. When you work with Acorn and Mona, that experience is instantly put to work for you.

A Multi-disciplined Skill Set

Mona’s vision for Acorn CS is to offer a wide range of design disciplines for her clients to use individually or to assemble into a highly productive strategy. One or more of the following will be just what you’re looking for:

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Your website is the fulcrum for success. It reflects your brand, communicates your benefits, and interacts with your customers. In the case of e-commerce, it sells your product. It’s really important you get it right and that’s what Acorn CS does really well.

Social Media

The visual impact of a custom Twitter Background or a Facebook “sitelet” helps your prospects decide to follow or friend you. So be friend-worthy! Businesses increasingly need to appear “put together” via their Social Media Profiles.

Acorn CS can make it all come together and be very consistent. And compelling.

E-commerce and Internet Marketing

Acorn CS knows all the key variables that come into play in e-commerce. Whether you’re business-to-business or business-to-consumer, it boils down to a single imperative –optimize your web site’s selling effectiveness. Acorn CS can help get the most from your site.

Illustration and Retouching

When compared to the big picture, these skills can seem fairly esoteric. But they also bring huge focus to a communications campaign or a brand initiative. When special marketing skills are needed, Acorn Studio has them or knows how to quickly bring them to bear on your project.

Branding, Brand Graphics, and Logo Design

A successful brand is like a halo. It surrounds your company with credibility and desirability. Mona and her crew are experienced hands at creating this “brand halo” through discovery sessions with you and your key staff. Then they take it to the marketplace with style and substance.

Corporate Graphic Design

Mona has deep roots in graphic design. Her ability to discern what makes your company different and then visualize it with flair is remarkable. So whether you need a capabilities brochure, a press kit, or a selling aid, Acorn CS gets you to market with intelligence and sizzle in your message. Click here to see the Acorn CS Portfolio.

Packaging Design

Every product makes a promise. For packaged products, the container is the promise. Acorn CS designs and produces packaging concepts that make a difference. They engage the customer at the critical moment –the buying decision –and tilt the playing platform decidedly in your favor.